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Caribbean Chronicles Vol 2: Time Management and Healthy Work-Life Balance:

Well, I survived my first semester Lecturing at the University of the West Indies Mona. My students were fantastic and I had a wonderful time getting to know them. After our final exam, we celebrated the semester with a little end of the semester bash where my students gave me this plaque as a thank you gift. It now has a special place on my desk, and I will cherish is always.

Although my personal writing time was severely cut back over the semester, (hence the temporary cessation to the Caribbean Chronicles), I was able to conduct a bit a research through the semester as well as publish some research in Science Magazine that colleagues and I have been working on regarding the domestication of maize in the Americas. Additionally, I was recently asked to write about my research on ancient human land use for the PAGES-ECN Science Blog. Here is the story that was published today entitled "Insights from Pre-Columbian Land Use and Fire Management in the Amazon Basin".

The semester begins again in a week. I am looking forward to another fun-filled, action-packed learning frenzy.

Adieu until next time...

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